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Jewelbox was founded by Annika Ingelaere (°1971). She attended a training in graphic- and advertising design at St. Lucas Gent and goldsmithing at the Acadamy of Sint-Niklaas. Today, she is still retraining.
She loves creating, but also passing on knowledge. That’s why she exhibits regularly her creations and organises workshops.

  • 1995

    The Beginning

    My mother organised jewellery exhibitions and I was fascinated by that.
    After my education as Master in the Visual Arts, I started following goldsmithing at the SASK.

  • September 2010

    Start of Jewelbox

    Not everyone has the space and the materials, but the desire to manufacture jewellery. From this idea, I founded Jewelbox. 

  • August 2015

    Acquaintance with enamel

    For several years, I searched for a link between jewellery and the graphical. I followed an amazing workshop in Idar-Oberstein (Germany), led by Danni Schwaag. From that moment, I was attached to enamel.

  • JULY 2018

    Jewelbox 2.0

    The workshop became too small and the urge to expand too big.


Are you interested in one of my jewellery? Contact us: +32 9 344 21 07 or +32 478 62 40 63

I got to know cast porcelain during a workshop with Willemijn de Greef in France. I was already plying with silversmiths. The combination with porcelain results in a fragile flower

Maybe you have some old gold jewellery at home that just lie there.

What a shame!

I’d like to talk over the possibility to transform the old gold into a new jewel.

The series “Roses” started from an idea to edify, together with my mother, an exhibition around the fusion of Ikebana with Jewelbox. We both work with roses.

The series “Twin rings” started with the wooden ring. My youngest song came home with some pieces of wood and I started to drain them in silver. Later, I searched for nice stones and boulders to drain them and merge them again.

For several years, I searched for a link between jewellery and the graphical and thanks to enamel, I found this link. I can paint with the powders, the colours, the transparencies … I learned the technique in Idar-Oberstein (Germany) from Danni Schwaag. In the beginning, I searched for the boundary between art and kitsch. By combining several materials (raw stones, wood, silver …), I retrieved the balance.

A jewel that is easily adaptable to your outfit?

Cool for men, distinguished for women!

Ikaya creates handmade bracelets in silver or copper.

Combined with a qualitative leather strap in one of the 25 colours to your size.



Jewelbox geeft al een aantal jaar korte workshops om juwelen in massief koper, zilver of goud te maken.
Wilt u ook graag pronken met een eigen-gemaakte ring?
Wil u samen met uw toekomstige man uw trouwringen samen maken?
Wij geven korte workshops waar u zelf uw juweel kan maken onder onze begeleiding. Bent u minimum met 3 dan kan u van start gaan met een basis juweelontwerp. Wij begeleiden u in het maken van uw eigen gecreëerd juweel.
U kan ook het atelier afhuren of deelnemen aan een begeleid open atelier op dinsdag, donderdag of vrijdag.
Heeft u er zin in? Of nog vragen?

Basis juweelontwerp

De workshop basis juweelontwerp bestaat uit 3 lessen van 3u. Er worden een aantal basistechnieken uitgelegd (zagen, boren, hameren, walsen, draadtrekken, plooien met een tang, solderen). Er wordt steeds gewerkt in massieve draad en plaat (geen zilverklei!). Iedereen bewerkt zijn/haar koper zoals hij/zij het zelf wilt. Heb je de juiste schakel gevonden, heb je een techniek onder de knie en wil je die uitvoeren in zilver, dan kan je bij ons ook zilver aanschaffen. Zo kan u proeven van het creëren van juwelen!

inbegrepen in de cursus:

  • koperplaat en draad
  • 1 gros zaagjes
  • 1 boortje
  • 10 gr zilver
  • een drankje
  • de begeleiding 
Juweel in verloren was
Verloren Was

Deze workshop bestaat uit 2 lessen. In de eerste les maak je jouw juweel in was. Deze wordt vervolgens gegoten in zilver. In de tweede les werk je de ring af (gietkanalen afzagen, bijvijlen en schuren en eventueel polieren)

inbegrepen in de workshop:

  • de was
  • de mal om te gieten
  • materiaal om de ring af te werken
  • een drankje
  • de begeleiding
  • niet inbegrepen: het zilver = afhankelijk van het gewicht van het juweel
Emailleren op koper

In ons atelier in Ertvelde leer je de geheimen van het emailleren kennen. Als kind heb je dit waarschijnlijk gedaan tijdens een kamp, je kent het wel, met de poedertjes op koperen plaatjes... Je maakt minimum 1 paar oorhangers of hanger of broche. 

Alle materiaal inbegrepen, koffie, thee en 's middags is er brood met soep voorzien 

minimum 3 deelnemers, max. 10

Closionné and working with Enamels on Fine Silver with Jennifer Wells

A short description of the Filigree workshop with Susanne Matsché

In the Filigree workshop, the participants will create their own unique pieces of jewelry. They will start out with the first dimension (single wires), moving on to the two-dimensional first layer, and finishing with three-dimensional, amazingly light objects.

Learning the basics of this old and traditional technique will be the foundation: we will prepare decorative wires from fine silver, make solder alloy for the powdered solder, create special elements from the prepared wires and connect them by soldering the many layers with a soft and bushy flame.

The excitement of working up all the elements from scratch into a delicate, three-dimensional piece provides a great source of inspiration for the participants’ own work. Plus, it’s an opportunity for them to integrate this knowledge into their own previously acquired skill sets.

In many ways the Filigree technique differs from other commonly used techniques in metalsmithing. The thin fine silver wires we use are very soft and delicate (and nevertheless result in an amazingly stable piece), and also are an unusual material to start out with. Quite often ideas from other crafts and arts come into play. For example, textile techniques like weaving, binding, stitching, or the wire being treated as a line, are an invitation to think of the piece of jewelry as a graphic expression.

Diving into the traditional and giving it a contemporary expression and shape will be a very exciting journey. I look forward to joining the participants on their journey during the workshop.

volgende workshop:
Vrij atelier
Vrij atelier

Op dinsdagochtend of -avond, donderdagavond en vrijdagmorgen staat ons atelier open voor mensen die graag hun juweel willen komen maken. Het is wel zo dat je al iets kent van de basistechnieken maar je wordt wel begeleid om zo je juweel te vervaardigen.  

Het werkmateriaal staat tot uw beschikking en je kan andere materialen ook aanschaffen (zilver, stenen, e.d.) 

  1. €7/u met meerbeurtenkaart
  2. €10/u zonder meerbeurtenkaart
  3. €30 per dag (als je eens een volledige dag wilt komen werken) 

- Als je interesse hebt om mee te doen schrijf je in via de doodle
Atelier gaat pas door vanaf 3 personen en met een maximum van 10 personen!

Pin mechanisms and brooch back design by Daniela Malev:

In the field of contemporary jewellery the brooch is the most common, and also much discussed, form of jewellery. One of the special challenges of making a good brooch is to find an adequate solution for the pin which connects the piece securely to the body yet, goes beyond being a merely functional and invisible device on the backside to becoming an essential part of the brooch in terms of content and aesthetics.
Daniela is convinced that mechanism and attachment of a brooch hold tremendous potential for the design of a brooch in its entirety and needs to be developed with equal importance.
This Masterclass will initiate and encourage a conscious approach to the design of the brooch back and its mechanisms. You will be introduced to a variety of brooch back mechanisms and learn how to realize them technically. Daniela will guide you through various exercises on different needle techniques and ways of thinking about what a needle can be and how it can be solved. You will learn and understand, that the brooch back mechanism should be thought of, and integrated, during the complete creative process of a brooch.



Wij werken dikwijls samen met externe professionele ontwerpers

Annika Ingelaere

Eigenaar atelier

Jennifer Wells

gespecialiseerd in emailleren

Daniela Malev

workshop broche-spelden en mechanismen


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